Triple Sprints

The past two weeks were intense. My 85-year-old, five-foot tall mother got hit by a two-ton truck as she was walking across a parking lot. The list of fractures, contusions, stiches and overall damage is, as you’d expect, frighteningly long. Her heart’s capacity dropped to 30% (60-65% is normal) and her lungs struggled to clear. It was touch and go for over a week, and then, signs of hope. I was in the room when the technician performed the follow-up echocardiogram to see if her heart had regained any of its’ strength. Those images will always be with me. I didn’t need medical training to know that that was a heart that had decided to live. No one said it explicitly, but the question hung in the air: How the hell did this (physically) fragile woman survive a blow from a 2-ton truck?

I created this ride to reflect the past two weeks: challenging as hell, requiring quick movement, explosions of pure energy, stretches of strength endurance, recovery and repetition, and above all, the will to meet the challenges put in front of you.

Next week, I’ll post a video that breaks this ride down with some specific coaching. In the meantime, I hope you and your riders tackle Triple Sprints with the fierceness my stubborn Irish mother tackled her mortality.

Stay seriously awesome!

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