Turn great Ideas into great rides!


Request the link for this 60 minute workshop that shares how to quickly turn ride ideas into great rides!

I team up again with Colleen Fisher of Colleen Fisher Cycling Group to share:

  • our four-step approach to quickly turn your ideas into rides
  • how to use the 10 most common ride types to meet your ride goals
  • ways to make your ride profiles interesting AND smart
  • shortcuts for selecting the right music
  • how to tweak your profiles for reuse

Everything we do at Five Spokes Fitness is designed to help you create a quality experience for your riders while saving you time - one of the biggest challenges we fitness instructors face! Colleen and I have 35 years of cycling instrucor experience between us. We've created hundreds of rides and experienced the stress of trying to be awesome with only so many hours in a day. Learn our tips, tricks and repeatable processes to turn your ride ideas into rides with quality and speed.

Questions? Click here. We're happy to help.

Thanks and, as always, STAY AWESOME!

PURCHASE THE RECORING & SESSION MATERIALS HERE. You can pay via credit card, paypal or venmo.

"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free." 

- Michelangelo