Music - every instructors favorite topic!

This is the workshop for you if you're interested in learning or brushing up your skills on:
·      How to create a repeatable process for discovering, selecting and using music to support your profile.
·      Song selection to support your ride’s structure
·      Using the “Holy Trinity” of Movement, RPM and BPM
·      Organizing your music to facilitate your profile building process
·      Building music discovery into your daily routine
·      Creating complimentary processes for discovering, organizing and selecting songs to create a winning playlist
·      Creating your music personal guidelines
·      Tips for when you and your riders prefer different music

It’s not just what we know, it’s how we THINK about what we know and learn to use that knowledge effectively. You know that at our core, Five Spokes is about saving you time while creating awesome experiences for your riders. This workshop does just that!

Questions? As always, don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks and Stay Awesome!

Purchase the session & Materials HERE.  You can pay by credit card, PayPal or venmo.