Zone Pyramid

Get riders ready to tackle zone pyramids – starting at moderate to very hard, then back down, three times, finishing strong and steady on a fast flat.

Have your riders find a solid base Moderate RPE – good form, rhythm, connection to pedal stroke, then ramp from there. The first pyramid is with higher cadences, above 85 RPMs. For the 2nd pyramid, resistance increases and cadence slows – offer alternatives out of the saddle with standing climbs. Mix it up in the 3rd pyramid with higher and lower cadences, then bring it home after the final working recovery with a solid, steady fast flat at the RPE and cadence of your rider’s choice.

Warm up                                                                                          8:00


  1. 9:00 Pyramid with higher RPM (85+)
  • 1:00 Start by finding Moderate RPE, focus on finding pedal stroke rhythm, form
  • 2:00 Add enough resistance with higher cadence to come to Somewhat Hard, hold RPM steady
  • 2:00 Hard
  • 1:00 Threshold, Very Hard RPE
  • Reverse: Hard – 2:00, Somewhat Hard – 2:00, Moderate 1:00
  1. 2:00 Recover
  2. 9:00 Repeat pyramid with lower RPM (<85)
  • Offer standing climbs (out of the saddle, hand position 3)
  1. 3:00 Recover
  2. 9:00 Repeat pyramid, lower & higher RPM
  3. 2:00 Recover
  4. 4:00 Flat road, high cadence, rider’s choice
  5. Full Recovery

Spin Class Zone Pyramid

Spin Class Zone Pyramid Spotify Playlist



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